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Edumagicals are Kids games products based on augmented reality technology. Through innovation and inspiration, these games help the learning process  in children of all ages.

Edumagicals main target audience are children between the ages of 4 and 9 years old, but we encourage the participation of adults, such as parents and teachers to explore together the contents of these interactive games to create a bond by fostering family integration and collaborative learning.

Our different products apps are accessible on both Android and iOS devices that can be downloaded for free. The cards, booklets and posters can be purchased separately.

Day cares and elementary schools, are now taking advantage of this technology to help and encourage children to learn by playing.

Autonomous learning

It refers to a student’s ability to set appropriate learning goals and take charge of his or her own learning abilities, however, autonomous learners are dependent upon teachers to create and maintain learning environments that support the development of learner autonomy. (learnnc.org)

Discovery learning

It takes place in problem solving situations where the learner draws on his own experiences and prior knowledge, and it is a method of instruction through which students interact within their environment by exploring and manipulating objects.

Multimedia Learning

It helps learners to understand concepts with the use of words, sounds and images. in our games, Edumagicals has integrated words and images in 3D to maximize the use of augmented reality that brings up these images that are presented near a corresponding word.

Playful learning

It is a group of strategies that are designed to create an harmonious environment for the students that are immersed in the learning process, the playful learning method does not totally mean play by recreation, but it is fun to learn this way.



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